Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flower necklace

This is another cool tutorial on how to turn something old into something new... Except this was a shirt I still liked and was trying to do something fancy to it and winded up messing it up so......

Here is a picture of the original shirt..

First thing is to cut out 5 small circles out of felt

Next take the fabric of your choice.. in this case my silk shirt

Cut out as many small circles as your shirt / fabric will allow
( i had way more circles than this by the way)

next scrunch one circle up and glue it to the felt

do this as many times as it takes to cover up the black felt. ( it should then resemble a flower)

Repeat the above steps for each circle

take your black felt and glue the first 3 flowers into a shape that you like

add a chain to each side of the last two flowers and glue to the scrap felt

 Cut the excess felt around the flowers and whala... you have a brand new fashion accessory 

Not bad for camera phone pictures :)

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