DIY Crafts

 How to make a Headband holder!!!

To make this simple craft you will need 
1. 2 bath sized towels rolled together
2. A piece of scrap fabric ( or in my case an old pillow case will do just fine :) )
3. Hot glue gun
4. Decorative ribbon

Step 1: take your 2 towels lay them on top of each other and roll from one end to the other.Hold with rubber bands

Step 2: take your scrap fabric and wrap around towel. Glue to hold in place without gluing your towel! ( You might want it for later!)

Step 3: Take your decorative ribbon wrap around while also gluing to pillow case.

Step 4: Add headbands

And wahla! you have a handy headband holder to compliment your bathroom!

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How to make a Decorated Hamper!

To make this simple craft all you need is a hamper, a hot glue gun and some scrap fabric of your choice.
Step 1. Simply cut out your fabric to fit inside your hamper.
Step 2. glue fabric to hamper. ( pull fabric as you glue so fabric won't be loose)
Step 3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for other side.
And wahla! you have a fashionable hamper to match your room!

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