Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion Haul Alert!!!!

Yesterday I was out eating dinner with my friends at la Parrilla ( yummy!) and we happened to notice jc penny coupons for 25 percent off. ( it was a family and friends discount) the sale ended yesterday. ( just our luck) so after we ate we headed over to jc penny's (which was literally down the street) and guess what I found!! 

Thats right! a Sephora collectors edition 108+ pallete! 
( at jc penny's! how random?)

Anyways this pallette was on sale for only 9 dollars!!! can you believe that??? and plus with the family and friends coupons we picked up at the restaurant the grand total was.... ( brace yourselves) $5.00!!!!!!!!! can you believe that? i know right! Hurry up and go get yours while they last! you wont be able to get it for 5 dollars but even 9 dollars is a steal! 

Check out the inside!!

Wow is all I can say!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

DIY Craft of the day: Headband Holder

Today's simple craft is a headband holder!!!

To make this simple craft you will need 
1. 2 bath sized towels rolled together
2. A piece of scrap fabric ( or in my case an old pillow case will do just fine :) )
3. Hot glue gun
4. Decorative ribbon

Step 1: take your 2 towels lay them on top of each other and roll from one end to the other.Hold with rubber bands

Step 2: take your scrap fabric and wrap around towel. Glue to hold in place without gluing your towel! ( You might want it for later!)

Step 3: Take your decorative ribbon wrap around while also gluing to pillow case.

Step 4: Add headbands

And wahla! you have a handy headband holder to compliment your bathroom!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to De-tangle Natural Hair

Today's tip of the day is how to de-tangle natural hair. This method is a little time consuming but works! 

Step 1: Wash hair with product of choice ( see below for product recommendations)
Step 2: Apply a de-tangling conditioner. ( DO NOT rinse out !)
Step 3: Sit underneath a dryer or steamer( which can be pretty expensive) with cap for 10 to 15 minutes to soften hair

This is a picture of the steam dryer. website for purchasing or more information provided below

Step 4: part hair into 4 sections two at the top of the head and two at the back

This is not my hair! I found this picture online to give you an idea of how to part your sections!

Step 5: While conditioner is still in hair use a paddle brush (see below) to comb 1 section into smaller sections

This is an example of a ceramic paddle brush

Step 6: While conditioner is still in hair, after section has been brushed out, Twist large section into 4 to 6 ponytail twist.

This is not my hair! this is a picture i found online to give you an idea of how to twist your hair! please make your twist smaller than the ones in this picture maybe about 3 twist per one twist in this picture

Step 7: Repeat step 5 and 6 for other 3 parted sections
Step 8: Wash out conditioner while hair is still in pony tail twist
Step 9: Untwist Hair and dry
Step 10:Style as desired

Final results! soft, manageable, natural hair!

As stated above here is a list of products that I believe  are good for de-tangling hair.

http://www.behuetiful.com/ <-- steam dryer website

Hope you enjoyed this post. let me know how this works for you!
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