Sunday, January 30, 2011

Craft of the Day!

        Today's simple craft is a decorated hamper!

To make this simple craft all you need is a hamper, a hot glue gun and some scrap fabric of your choice.
Step 1. Simply cut out your fabric to fit inside your hamper.
Step 2. glue fabric to hamper. ( pull fabric as you glue so fabric won't be loose)
Step 3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for other side.
And wahla! you have a fashionable hamper to match your room!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm planning a baby shower!!!

   My friend Ashley is having a baby and she left me and Branisha in charge of planning it! I know what you're thinking.. you plan a baby shower? (<--- I know right!!) but I have always been good at planning and decorating and have always had the desire to get into interior design and party planning so i guess this is my big shot!!!

    So far things have gone great! Branisha picked out the location and its at honey salon and spa in fayetteville georgia! such a nice place and the price was awesome! 

This is a picture of the main bar, where the cake, diaper cakes food and decor will be stationed. 

Below is the section where guest will sit while playing games eating and waiting to be pampered!

My job was to design the invitations and decorate the venue! her theme was black and pink and I am  totally obsessed with damask print so I knew thats where I would start  so using this as inspiration i created the best baby shower invitation ever!

Next on the list was to design the venue space i took inspiration from a picture i found on Google ( see below) and continuing with the black and pink theme I went to my local party city and purchased black table clothes then headed to joanns fabric and brought some pink tulle just like the photo!!!  I also went to my local dollar tree and purchased tea light candles and pink rose petals! that i am going to add to the spa ambiance! stay tuned to see how it turned out!

this is the photo I am using as my inspiration for decorating the spas bar table!

Now on to the diaper cake! this will be my first time attempting to make a diaper cake so i drew inspiration from these pictures i also found on google..   

I also found these ribbons in my local craft store and plan to use them in place of the ribbons used in the previous photos! i can't wait to show you how it turns out!

Whats a baby shower without cake? i plan on making the cake from a photo that i found online! i think it will be cheaper and I have a little bit of experience making cakes with friends.. we should start our own cake business lol!  I'm currently looking up how to make black icing that doesn't taste nasty! wish me luck!

these are some other cakes that me and or my friends have made. 

So far thats all i have planned but there is definitely more to come including party favors baby shower games and final event pictures! thanks for reading hope you enjoyed as much as i did!